Friday, June 12, 2009

North Korean regime's new attention-seeking tactic: farting at the UN General Assembly.

North Korea has unveiled its latest desperate attention-seeking ploy: instructing its ambassador to the UN Song Ryol Han to produce loud farts during meetings of the General Assembly. Yesterday's UN General Assembly meeting was particularly forceful as is underlined by the official UN transcript:

French Ambassador: Resolution 43-2 paragrapgh 3 on soil erosion in sub-Saharan Africa should-

North Korean Ambassador: (Loud flatulence)

Chairperson: Please continue.

French Ambassador: Yes, as I was saying, soil erosion continues-

North Korean Ambassador: (Loud prolonged flatulence)

Chairperson: Let's just try to-

North Korean Ambassador: (Loud prolonged flatulence)

Mongolian Ambassador: I, would like to...request a ventilation recess.

Spanish Ambassador: Second.

North Korean Ambassador: (Very loud prolonged flatulence)

Chairperson: Order! A recess of half an hour is granted.

The North Korean ambassador prepares for another round of disruptive flatulence.

North Korea's Ambassador has denied rumours that he has been overdosing on beans and cauliflower in order to fulfill the wishes of the leadership back home, however, he did confirm that he was the source of the flatulence "We demand to be noticed and respected by the world!" said Song Ryol Han, letting off another loud fart "And this is the best way we know."

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