Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Illiterate Obama-haters cause accidental surge in muslin sales.

Muslin cloth makers are reporting a huge surge in sales since the election of President Barack Obama last November. Intitially, the surge in sales was viewed as something of a mystery, until some research linked muslin sales to an abundance of illiterate right-wing Obama haters posting comments on the internet. "All these people were going round on YouTube saying 'Obama is a muslin lover' and that seems to have led to the surge in interest from fans of Obama," says a spokesperson for the American Muslin Association, adding "The stuff is suddenly flying off the shelves, with people mistakenly believing that Obama is a huge fan of the cloth. I don't know if he is, but right now we are happy for the publicity, regardless of the weirdness of it all."

On a separate note, sales of "Bush's Best" beans are starting to recover after a severe slump, according to the company.

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