Tuesday, June 16, 2009

India to finally lift Fisher Stevens travel ban.

The Indian government has announced that it will finally lift a more than twenty year ban preventing American actor Fisher Stevens from entering the country. The ban was put in place in 1988 following the release of the comedy film "Short Circuit 2" in which Stevens portrayed hapless Indian inventor Benjamin Jahveri. The film angered the Indian government at the time, particularly because Stevens has no Indian heritage and was essentially playing a stereotype, albeit a likeable one, in the two Short Circuit films.

Reacting to the news, Stevens said "I am absolutely delighted. I never meant to cause offense to anyone with this character and I am glad that we can put the matter behind us now." Stevens did not confirm whether he planned a visit to the country any time soon.


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  2. If this is true, then wow... That is a achievement to have. Not everyone can say they were banned from a country because they offended an entire government by simply playing a kinda racist character.

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