Friday, June 19, 2009

BBC fined by OFCOM for poor choice of name for its main programme targeted at the blind and deaf.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has been ordered to pay a half million pound fine by the country's independent broadcasting regulator OFCOM. The fine was levied after the organisation found that the title of the BBC's main programme aimed at deaf and blind audiences "See Hear" was deceptive, misleading and even potentially insulting. OFCOM's ruling found that the title "See Hear" was particularly inapproproate for a programme aimed at people who can neither see nor hear. "In one way, it was a false promise," said a spokesperson for OFCOM, "In another, it was almost a taunt. It would be like calling a programme for the disabled 'Walk Run'."

The BBC is not expected to appeal the decision and has announced that a name change is in the works.

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