Monday, June 15, 2009

"Netanyahu effect" sweeps Middle East in wake of speech.

Just some of the reports coming in following Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's speech on Sunday in which he accepted the concept of a Palestinian state, albeit it a de-militarized one with no control of its borders, airspace, with settlements still there, Palestinians having to walk around on leashes with muzzles over their mouths when outside, etc...

-Iran is to allow the opposition to hold rallies, provided there are no people present. It will also re-count all the votes cast in the election, so long as only one person does the counting - and no calculators, pens or paper allowed.

-Saudi Arabia to allow women full human rights, but only so long as they stay in a small shed whilst exercising those rights.

-In Afghanistan, the Taleban is reportedly going to stop all terrorism, provided that the government surrenders "its right to govern."

-In the US, Norm Coleman is going concede the Minnesota Senate race to Al Franken, so long as Franken admits that Coleman really won.

-China to recognise the independence of Tibet, just as soon as it sees those flying pigs in the sky.

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