Monday, June 1, 2009

Connie Culp: American Idol producers offered me $4 million to be "America's Susan Boyle".

The producers of the US talent series "American Idol" have apologized unreservedly after it was revealed that they offered Connie Culp - the Ohio woman and gun-shot wound victim who recently became the recipient of the first ever full face transplant - $4 million dollars to become "America's Susan Boyle."

The information was recently revealed by Mrs Culp in a stunning interview with Newsweek, in which she stated "For a couple of weeks, the producers of American Idol have been ringing me, trying to get me to come on the show and be 'America's Susan Boyle.' I told them that I found their offer disgusting and insulting." Culp also alleged that the producers did not seem to mind that she could not sing: "They told me that that part wasn't a problem. I would mime to someone else's voice," adding "I told them that what they were suggesting was dishonest and exploitative, but they just didn't seem to understand - they evidently just wanted to replicate the whole Susan Boyle thing and make a lot of money off me."

The producers of "American Idol" apparently did not expect the information to be leaked by Culp, and have, after initial denials, come clean: "This was a serious error in judgement and we unreservedly apologize to everyone that was offended by our actions."

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