Thursday, June 4, 2009

Desperate bin Laden tries to counter Obama's message to Islamic world with "Joe the Terrorist."

An increasingly desperate Osama bin Laden has unveiled a new figure to try to counter Barack Obama's growing popularity - and thus his own increasing marginalization - in the Muslim world, particularly in light of the US president's recent and well-received address to the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt. The Al-Qaeda leader has introduced "Joe the Terrorist" - a figure designed to re-connect the terrorist organization with the concerns of ordinary Muslims who are increasingly distancing themselves from bin Laden's extremist rhetoric.

"Joe the Terrorist" is set to feature heavily in Al-Qaeda messages in the future and will try to create the impression that Obama as well as moderate Muslims tempted to have a favourable view of America in the post-Bush age are "Infidels" and that Obama will take away their Qur'ans.

"Joe the Terrorist" is set to make a debut.

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