Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to find potentially dangerous lunatics like James Von Brunn? Simple, go on Youtube.

For example, take this YouTube user "arpgi2" - age 23 (or so he claims) from the United States.

Latest comments: ""i HOPE THIS 'president' DIES! I think he will die from AIDS cause he is black, or blow himself up cause he is a fucking Sand nigger!"

You are a fucking dumb ass! I love America but I hate those fucking libs, we need to kill them but after we kill those Arabs! God bless America!"

"Fucking fat ass lib! We need to kill them before they destroy us all! You are going to hell with all those Arabs, Michal Moor (sic)!"

Jack Cafferty is a fucking asshole and needs to die! Plain (sic) is better than you, you bald fucker!"

"What the hell? How is this chink talk like an Austeralian (sic)? I bet she likes Aussie cock thats why she speaks it so well! You know what cum does to you."

He must be a lot of fun a parties!

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