Thursday, June 18, 2009

Japanese scientists perform first ever robot face transplant.

Scientists in Japan have performed the world's first ever robot face transplant, it was announced today. "Number Five" - a multi-tasking robot with almost human qualities was attacked by bank robbers whilst in New York last month after he refused to assist them with a robbery. Initially, the robbers had managed to trick the robot into digging a tunnel for them, but when "Number Five" wised up to the plan, he escaped from their clutches. However, the robbers soon located him and subjected him to a major assault.

CCTV footage captured the horrific attack.

This led to major damage, including a near-fatal battery-fluid leak, as well as a broken eye and severe structural damage around the facial area. After arriving at the scene, Benjamin Jahveri, the robot's creator was able to patch "Number Five" up after finding a nearby Radio Shack. However, these hasty repairs only enabled the robot to find enough strength to pursue and catch the robbers that had mutilated him. Jahveri soon realised that his invention would be permanently disfigured - until a team of scientists from Japan called. "They said that an unsuccessful robot line had recently been discontinued, and that parts of its face could, if we hurried, be used to help reconstruct my robot," said Jahveri "So I said 'I am thanking you very much' and flew 'Number Five' over there right away."

"Number Five" and Jahveri prior to the assault.

After a tense twelve hour operation in Tokyo, "Number Five" had a new face and a new lease of life. "I am still getting used to believing that this is my 'Number Five' - or 'Johnny Five' as I have named him, but I am just happy to have him being fit and well-being," said a relieved Jahveri "Who knows, I might even have him gold-plated once this recession passes!"

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