Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exclusive: Obama trained for weeks with Mr Miyagi star in 2004.

Newsifact can reveal that in 2004, Barack Obama underwent intense training with Pat Morita, who played Mr Miyagi in the film "The Karate Kid". The news follows an eyebrow-raising incident during a recent CNBC interview, when Mr Obama managed to calmly and cleanly swat a fly that had landed on his hand. Though Morita died in 2005 - soon after Barack Obama's election to the Senate - the two did indeed have several sessions at the behest of Obama the previous year designed to increase Obama's chances as a politician. These included numerous attempts at catching a fly with chopsticks, as had been shown in the 1984 hit film. According to sources, Obama wanted to channel some of the calm and wise vibes that Morita had created with the Mr Miyagi character. Speaking of the recent fly-swatting incident, Morita's daughter, Suke said "This would have made my father very proud."

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