Monday, June 29, 2009

David Hasselhoff: "Michael Knight is now the world's most famous living Michael".

Troubled actor David Hasselhoff has released a statement reacting to the passing of singer Michael Jackson, who died last Thursday. In the statement, Hasselhoff says that "The character that I created back in the 1980s not knowing how huge a phenomenon he would be - Michael Kinght - is now the world's most famous living Michael. I am not surprised." Mr Hasselhoff also paid tribute to his own abilities, stating "I am ready to accept this huge responsibility. From now on, when kids scream 'We love you Michael!' there will be no confusion about whom they are directing these words at - me."

In the statement released by Mr Hasselhoff's office over the weekend, the actor also addressed the long history of the Michael Knight character and sought to clarify just what the new "Knight Rider" TV series meant for him: "What is most important is that my role has not and will not be re-cast. The actor playing Michael Knight is the estranged son of the real Michael Knight, whose real name is Michael Long; the son's real name is Michael Traceur and he only later changes it to Michael Knight. This fact is clearly stated in the pilot so if any of your friends think that the Michael Knight of the new show is the same role I played, but re-cast, please just laugh in their faces and explain to them that such a legendary role could never be re-cast. Again, just to underline, please make absolutely sure that they are completely clear on this very important point. Also, please feel free to visit my website or Facebook page to convey your love and respect for Michael Knight (starring me) and Mitch Buchanan (also starring me - also will not ever be re-cast)."

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