Thursday, June 18, 2009

John McCain announces he will perform his classic song "Bomb, Bomb Iran" from a major Muslim capital.

Defeated Presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R) has announced that he will deliver a "keynote" performance of his classic hit "Bomb, Bomb Iran" from a major Muslim capital next week.

The full details have yet to be announced, but the move is designed to further ramp up recent comments by McCain that President Obama should be taking a tougher line on the disputed Iranian elections - something that the White House has said would be inappropriate given that this could in fact help the current regime to frame the protests as American interference.

McCain's original performance in South Carolina.
This time the venue will be bigger, say aides.

McCain's original performance of "Bomb, Bomb Iran" based on the Beach Boys classic "Barbara Anne" came to light during the 2008 elections and caused the candidate something of a PR headache. However, with the apparent desire of the Republican Party to score some much-needed political points, McCain has now confirmed that he will "give an appropriate and alternative message to President Obama's 'apology tour' in the Muslim world with a live performance of 'Bomb, Bomb Iran'," which, as he put it "will hopefully help free Iran, the way President Reagan inspired the Prague Spring of 1968 in Czechoslovenia (sic)."

Soviet tanks crush anti-government protests in Czechoslovakia.

No Muslim country has yet confirmed that it is prepared to host McCain for the concert. Meanwhile, several key music-loving Republicans have stepped forward and offered to sing backing harmonies, including John Aschroft and Larry Craig.

Rehearsals are already underway.

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