Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New book by Israeli PM raises eyebrows.

A new book authored by the outgoing Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has been raising eyebrows across the globe. The book, entitled "How to Raise your Child - Twenty Lessons to Beat into your Kids" features Ehud Olmert laying out his approach to bringing up a child - with violence playing a central role. The twenty chapters, laid out with bullet point question and answer tips written by Olmert have been described as "disgusting" and "horrific" by critics, although Olmert's publishers have stated they are adamant that the book is "a great work".

Here are some excerpts from the book:

Q: What should I do if my child misbehaves?

A: Beat them so severely that they end up in a coma.

Q: But how far is too far?

A: Try to follow the 1000:1 rule. If you punish your child one thousand times harder than what they did, they will learn to behave.

Q: Can you be more specific?

A: Just follow this little poem I wrote - 'If they answer back, break their back; if they start to cry, tell them they will die; if they are late coming home, crush a bone.

Q: What if they just leave their empty plate on the table or something small like that?

A: You shouldn't overreact, but don't let them think they are getting away with anything either. I would recommend bulldozing their bedroom.

Q: If they begin to behave well, should I reward them?

A: Assume that they are preparing a huge act of insolence in the future. Move a stranger into their bedroom and lock them in a cupboard for twenty hours a day.

Q: What if my child does something really bad, like stealing from someone?

A: Call all your friends over, push the kid to the floor and tell everyone to just kick the shit out of him or her.

Q: So it doesn't matter if it is boy or a girl?

A: No. But you can't kick a girl in the balls, so you have to kick them in the head a bit more.

Q: Won't my kids hate me if I do what you suggest?

A: If they survive. But seriously, it doesn't matter if they hate you or not. What matters is that they know that you won't allow yourself to be humiliated by them. When they are lying in hospital bleeding to death, they will finally understand that they brought this on themselves and learn to behave well in the future. It is that fear that is the key to good relations with your kids.

Q: What if my kid is bullying another child at school.

A: This is a truly proud moment for any parent. Seeing your child grow up and follow in your footsteps really brings tears to your eyes. I would suspend beating your child for at least three hours.

Q: I think you are disgusting.

A: You're lucky I'm not your father.

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