Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clint Eastwood to sue Obama for "making me soppy."

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has launched a major lawsuit in the state of California against the new US president Barack Obama, it has emerged. The actor is suing Obama for $30 million for alleged losses in earnings resulting from Eastwood's apparent newfound inability to act stemming from the activities of Barack Obama.

Speaking about the lawsuit, Mr Eastwood, noted for his tough-guy on-screen persona, said "This guy is just ruining me. Ever since he got elected, I've just been weeping like an idiot. Then you see these pictures of him handing out food parcels, or visiting black kids in inner city schools...The guy has turned me into a drooling, soppy mess."

Eastwood specifically claims that Obama's actions are causing him to be unable to continue in his acting career "That angry, hard, I'll shoot you if you don't shut up look that I do has become impossible for me lately. I report to the set ready to do my thing but soon start thinking about Obama's beautiful family, or historic win and just end up a drooling mess again," said Eastwood.

The 77 year-old actor also likened his situation to the proverbial trumpet player "I've heard that they can't play if they see someone sucking on a lemon - well I know how they feel." The new president's office has declined to comment.

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