Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Al Gore slams Liverpool for too much Beatles "hot air."

Former US Vice-President Al Gore has slammed the British city of Liverpool for its emissions of high levels of "hot air" with regards to the city's association with the Beatles. Speaking at an event in London, the Nobel Prize-winning environmentalist stated "Look, we all love the Beatles, but Liverpool just can't stop droning on about how the Beatles came from Liverpool. This is creating large quantities of hot air that are directly contributing to global climate change." Mr Gore then presented several radar images, which appeared to suggest a particularly warm spot of air hanging over the city.

Vice-President Gore then called on Liverpool to introduce tough caps on the amount of time the city is allowed to mention its association with the Beatles. "Even a reduction of twenty percent could help the world combat excessive emissions," he noted, adding "Let's be honest, the Beatles left Liverpool as soon as they could and never came back. Besides, what has a city full of yobs got to do with a band that espoused creativity, peace and love? Nothing. And what has Liverpool contributed to the world since? Nothing, apart from that footballer who was arrested for assault the other day."

Liverpool City Council issued a response to Gore's statement within hours, noting "That is no way to talk about a city that gave the world the Beatles. If John Lennon were alive today, he would be appalled."

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