Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cheney to "redefine" role of former Vice-President.

Soon-to-be former Vice-President Dick Cheney has pledged to redefine the traditional role of the ex-Vice-President. In an interview with Newsifact, Mr Cheney stated "There is nothing in the Constitution that says that I cannot continue to play some sort of role," adding "Why do you think I get to keep the title? I will always be Vice-President Cheney - Vice President of what? So you see, this gives me special powers and I intend to use them."

When asked if simply and quietly going into retirement was an option, Mr Cheney stated "I am absolutely 100% certain that that would be a bad choice, especially at this time of great danger for America." Mr Cheney also expressed a view that a retired VP is in fact a member of the judicial-executive-legislative branch, but refused to explain why when pressed on the issue.

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