Monday, January 5, 2009

Israeli politicians filming most expensive campaign ad in history at Gaza Studios complex.

Israeli politicians from the governing Kadima and Labour parties are filming what has been described as the most expensive campaign ad in history a few weeks ahead of a hotly contested general election. The ad is being filmed inside Gaza Studios, a huge backlot on the border with Israel amidst a huge security operation to keep outsiders away. But the mammouth pyrotechnics were visible from beyond the studio perimeter as special effects crews detonated numerous explosions as filming on the epic ad entered its second week.

The campaign ad is said to have cost more than two-hundred million dollars, and will be released in a few days. The press has been barred from the studio, with a tightly controlled operation designed to prevent leaks. According to one anonymous insider "This is going to top anything we've done before. The footage will be amazing." When asked why politicians can't just be photographed kissing babies, the insider struck a determined note "Oh, there will definitely be babies in the ad...but there won't really be much kissing."

Less of this...politicians kissing babies is "so yesterday!"

More of this...A new twist on the use of "the baby."

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