Monday, January 26, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Obama takes oath for the third time.

Newsifact can exclusively reveal that President Barack Obama has again re-taken the presidential oath of office.

Take 1

On inauguration day, Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed a key part of the oath.

Take 2

So a quick-do over was ordered, to silence those who were saying Obama was not the president, even though Constitutional experts said he was.

Take 3

But rabid anti-Obama-ites now complained that he didn't use a Bible for the do-over, meaning you know what. So as this picture reveals, Obama has taken the oath again, but this time there is a Bible - but no Chief Justice. "Oops! Who knows, I might make this a weekly thing..." said Obama afterwards "Until we get it just right."

Take 4 - just Obama.

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