Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The wait is over! Russian fall TV lineup is announced.


The wait is finally over! We bring you the hotly anticipated fall lineup for Russian television. And, as expected, it promises to be a season full of gems. Listed below are some of the more exciting new shows premiering over the next few months in Russia:

- "Is Putin Great or Fantastic?" This hard-hitting documentary series will not shy from asking tough questions and representing both sides of the argument.

- "Why Georgia is Gay" We know that people can be gay, but now Russian scientists have discovered that countires can also suffer from this affliction. This programme proves why the entire nation of Georgia is gay.

- "Putin Idol" Ordinary Russians must prove to a panel that they are like President (now Prime Minister) Putin. Losers are sent to Siberia.

- "Putin' it Right" Details to be confirmed.

- "Russia is Really, Really Important" Could Russia be the most important country in the world? This series says yes!

- "Cooking for your Enemies" A fun cookery series that shows how Polonium, Dioxins and other ingredients can make cooking for your enemies both exciting and fun!

- "Big Brother" How Russia is exporting friendship, joy and love to its friends. We talk to some of the most happy countires in the world like Belarus (where flowers grow on every corner) and ask them why Russia is so kind to them, when it doesn't have to be.

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