Friday, September 19, 2008

Satan puts John McCain's soul up for sale on eBay.

In a surprise move, Satan has placed US presidential candidate John McCain's soul up for sale on the auction site eBay. The starting price was a mere 1 cent, suggesting frictions have emerged between Senator McCain and Satan.

In an interview with Newsifact, Satan tried to clarify matters, "I'm just de-cluttering - getting rid of some of the junk I've acquired over the years, that's all." And just how did Satan manage to get hold of such a rare item? "I got this panicky call a few months ago - this guy seemed really worried that he was going to lose some kind of election. It was quite rushed and he seemed so very desperate, so I offered him that "celebrity ad" idea and at the last minute threw in the Sarah Palin choice for good measure. He actually gave away his soul quite easily - I was really surprised."

The McCain camp has denied the claims, insisting that their candidate's soul was still where it should be. In an effort to quell the persistent rumors, they have even offered the press a limited peak at the candidate's religious records to prove it. Yet, the blogosphere remains alive with rumors that John McCain's campaign team are making sure the candidate does not appear in front of or even near any mirrors or reflective objects for the duration of the campaign. As for the soul, so far only one mysterious bidder calling himself "Maverick" has made an offer.

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