Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GOP subpoenas God over "precise meaning of hurricane Gustav."

A circuit court in the US state of Minnesota has approved a subpoena request by the Republican Party to have God appear in court to explain "the precise meaning of hurricane Gustav." The move comes as evangelicals remain uncertain over how to interpret the significance of the hurricane coming at the precise time of the GOP convention, currently being held in St. Paul Minnesota.

"We just want to be absolutely clear," said one GOP insider "This seemed the best way to do it. Some people worry that God may be angry at us Republicans - and I want to prove them wrong. We want to haul God's butt into the court and have him explain himself." According to the subpoena, God has until 9am Friday to appear in court. Failure to do so will result in an arrrest warrant being issued.

Last month, the pressure group Focus on the Family issued a call to its supporters to "pray for rain" during presidential candidate Barack Obama's acceptnce speech at Invesco Field Stadium, Denver. No rain came - in fact the speech was given during perfect weather, and was almost universally praised. Yet, this week's Republican convention has been thrown into disarray by hurricane Gustav, which fortunately failed to cause as much damage as had been feared.

"I'm just realy confused," said one evangelical Republican "I thought Katrina was about God being angry at decadent blacks, or something like that. But this is really weird. I sure hope God isn't a Democrat."

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