Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BREAKING: McCain names "fun" Vice-Vice President!

In a move designed to appeal to younger voters, the McCain campaign today announced its choice of a "fun" VVP pick to run alongside the McCain-Palin ticket - the cartoon character Poochie the Dog.

Speaking about the choice, John McCain noted "I've heard that a long of young people with their e-mail pods and online internets are crazy about this Poochie character. So guess what? We've put him on the ticket! Poochie is really excited about this too - he's one outrageous dude!"

The McCain campaign has also dedicated a section on its webpage to Poochie, who explains by substituting the letter 's' with the letter 'z' just why McCain's policies should appeal to young people. One section on the McCain-Palin-Poochie website reads "This John Mac ain't gonna raiz your taxez!" In another section, Poochie remarks "The Mac ain't gonna loze in Iraq, 'coz he is with it man, get it? Yo!"

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