Saturday, July 4, 2009

GOP holds secret Obama pie meeting.

Top Republican leaders from across the country have convened a secret emergency summit to discuss recent revelations about President Obama's pie-eating habits, hoping to form a strategy that could be used to attack Obama. The emergency meeting was convened after an AP interview released earlier this week in which Mr Obama said that the White House pastry chef makes "the best pie I have ever tasted, and that has caused big problems with Michelle and I," adding that he and the first lady are "having to figure out how to resist ordering pie every night." (Source Huffington Post - read here).

The comments echoed previous statements during the election campaign in which Obama reflected on his love of pies during campaign rallies, often using the word "pie" over and over and over again. At the time, conservatives attempted to focus on Obama's reported one-time selection of a coconut cream pie as somehow un-American compared to the traditional apple pie. The tactic didn't work, but now the GOP is set to revisit the whole pie issue.

"There is definitely something weird going on here," said a top GOP strategist attending the secret meeting "I think that if we find a way to exploit this issue it could help us get votes...This may be the crack that we have been waiting for and you may see the GOP spend a lot of time focusing on the 'pie issue' from now until 2010."

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