Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fox News sells Iranian regime "Half Hour News Hour" comedy format.

Fox News has confirmed that it has sold the Iranian regime the rights to its cancelled satirical news show "The Half Hour News Hour". The show ran on Fox News in 2007 as an attempt to create a right-wing and conservative version of the popular "The Daily Show" (Ironically, many progressive young Iranians watch "The Daily Show" over the internet). However, scathing reviews and poor viewing figures soon led to its cancellation.

"We aren't likely to re-visit the format," said a Fox News spokesperson, "so we sold the rights to the Iranian government. It is really that simple," said a spokesperson for the channel, adding "This isn't about politics". The Iranian government has not confirmed the sale, but has announced that it will be bringing a new comedy show to the airwaves to "mock liberals and reformers who seek to undermine the Islamic Republic". Analysts suggest that this is a further attempt at normalization under President Ahmadinejad and the clerical establishment following the recent post-election turmoil.

Great examples of the kind of "humor" with a strong twist of hate that Iranians can expect.

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