Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tensions rise ahead of Celebrity Big Brother finals.

The final two contestants in what has undoubtedly been the most star-studded Celebrity Big Brother yet are gearing up for tomorrow's final to determine the outright winner. Professor Stephen Hawking and former South African president Nelson Mandela are both vying for the $1 million cash prize, which will go to charity.

However, tensions between the men have been growing since their six week stay in the house, located in southern Spain, began. Mandela has repeatedly expressed frustration at what he perceives as Hawking's "derogatory tone of voice," even accusing the noted science professor of "saying one thing but meaning another." Meanwhile, Hawking has also lashed out at Mandela. Last month, he repeatedly used his computer voice box to refer to Mandela as an "a**hole."

The situation finally came to a head when Mandela sided with fellow housemate Anneka Rice last week, to disconnect Hawking's batteries, thus leaving him temporarily speechless. Since then, the two men have barely spoken a word to each other. The finals will be broadcast on UK Channel 4 at 8pm on (1800 GMT) Saturday.

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