Friday, May 16, 2008

Actor Fisher Stevens wins auction to adopt "Werewolf Boy."

Short Circuit star Fisher Stevens has beaten fellow stars Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf) and Michael Jackson (Thriller) in a bidding war to adopt an Indian boy who has been dubbed "The Werewolf." The aution, which took place at Christie's in New York, was filled with Holywood celebrities - often with obscure connections to the child in question.

The 11-year-old Indian boy - Pruthviraj Patil suffers from a rare condition called Hypertrichosis and was put up for auction by his family in India. Actor Fisher Stevens, who famously played an Indian professor in the films Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 was elated after his $112m won out against the competition. "Even though I am not Indian, if I was, then this is the son I always wanted. I can tell people that his strange facial hair is a result of me hanging around Johnny 5 too long!"

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