Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New cream may help Obama “flag-up”

Sources close to Senator Barack Obama have admitted that the Democratic presidential candidate has expressed an interest in a new face cream designed to help African-Americans “flag-up” their appearance. The cream is specially formulated to alter dark skin so that it appears not only whiter, but also prominently displays the stars and stripes. According publicity materials issued by Renew, the company marketing the new skin-flagging cream - “In times of bigotry, suspicion and narrow-mindedness, the flag cream can help you to appear more patriotic to your fellow Americans. Thus, awkward situations can be more easily avoided, and suspicion turned into trust and acceptance.”

In recent weeks and months, media pundits as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign have been highlighting the fact that a section of white American voters may find the idea of an African-American president hard to accept – especially one called Barack Hussein Obama. Many Obama insiders believe the cream may help to convince more rabidly distrustful sectors of American society who often falsely believe that Obama is not only a Muslim, but a “sleeper cell” hell-bent on destroying America. A spokesperson for Obama’s campaign noted “We are proud of our candidate, but desperate times may call for desperate measures.”

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