Monday, May 5, 2008

GOP delegates flock to endorse Hillary – “Tide is turning” says Clinton.

Democratic candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton moved a step closer towards securing the Republican nomination yesterday after several prominent GOP leaders endorsed her bid to become the next US president.

The news comes despite the fact that Sen. John McCain has already won enough delegates to secure his party’s nomination. Responding to the news, Mrs. Clinton said “Delegates don’t have to vote for him if they feel a case has been made that I am the stronger Republican leader. It doesn’t matter that I’m a Democrat – what matters is that I can win.” In a triumphant tone, she also added. “The tide is turning and I won’t give up just like America won’t give up until I win. Senator McCain is clearly the wrong choice for the party. I have proven that I can go as negative as it takes – and frankly he hasn’t. All this ‘new kind of politics talk just gives me a headache.”

The new round of endorsements means that Sen. Clinton could secure both the Democratic and Republican nominations and thus face off against herself in the national elections in November – something which the media has described as a “dream ticket”.

Her chances against Democratic candidate Barack Obama remain slim, yet the surprising number of defections from the Republican camp has given fresh hope to Hillary Clinton of being able to secure a party’s nomination. She has also not ruled out running as an independent or seeking the nominations of the libertarian and socialist parties, noting “The more the merrier!”

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