Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Michael Less – “I’m getting a raw deal.”

He’s tall-ish, he’s skinny-ish and he doesn’t wear a baseball cap. Meet Michael Less, a young man from northern Pennsylvania who has been consistently and vociferously complaining that he has been overlooked by the media. Several years ago, Less began a rather public campaign, but after much effort, it has yet to bear fruit. “The potential is there, damn it. I just don’t get why these suits in Hollywood won’t get it,” complains Michael in a surprisingly bitter tone. “For months I’ve been calling, writing and lobbying them and now I can’t even get a response. Even Michael has given up on me!” When Michael says “Michael” he is of course referring to documentary filmmaker and muckraker Michael Moore. Michael Less believes that his name, size and general appearance perfectly compliments the famously overweight director of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko.

“Michael Moore: obese - Michael Less: not obese. How can a pairing like that not strike gold?” argues Less, with an almost hysterical sense of conviction. Seven months ago, he began calling and writing to major Hollywood studios as well as to Michael Moore’s production company Dog Eat Dog Films. But, complains Less, they just didn’t get what he was talking about and are now refusing to return his calls and emails. “Think about it! That’s all I’m asking your readers to do! There are so many possibilities,” insists Less. “For example, we could do a TV show called “Moore or Less?” The viewers would have to choose each week which one of us is right about a particular topic. Or how about “Less is Moore” – a show where sometimes Michael goes around but other times I dress up like him and trick people into thinking I’m Michael Moore! I’ve got hundreds of ideas, just visit my website and you’ll see. This could be really big!”

For better or worse, Less hasn’t meet with any interest for his ideas. In fact, Paramount Studios recently put a restraining order on him, banning Less from coming within 100 yards of their studio in Burbank, Los Angeles. So what kind of future does the 27 year-old unemployed former retail assistant face? “I haven’t given up,” sighs Less. “One day, the world will realize the potential of my ideas. Laurel and Hardy didn’t pair up overnight. Until then, I’ll just have to struggle like Shakespeare or Mozart did.” Mr. Moore was unavailable for comment.

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