Friday, May 16, 2008

Defiant Brown vows that "facial tic is here to stay."

Click here to watch Gordon Brown's facial tic marathon.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a defiant speech yesterday, insisting that critics of his facial tic were trying to "distract me from doing my job." Brown, who suffers from an unusual tic in which he stetches his lower lip after every few words, has recently been heavily criticized for his unusual mannerism. Conservative leader David Cameron called the tic "A blight on Britain from a discredited Prime Minister," while recent polls have suggested that the tic is highly unpopular among most Brits. For months, Brown has been under heavy pressure to rid himself of it.

However, speaking at the Institute for Behavioural Sciences last night, Brown delivered an unusually fiery and impassioned speech stating that "The tic is staying, and so am I. We both have a duty to serve Britain and help to improve the public sector and keep inflation under control." He also added "I love my tic - just give it a chance - if you understand it, you will understand me."

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