Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Windows warns users Republican policies may crash computers.

Windows users are being warned not to input Republican policy proposals into their computers until the software company issues an urgent patch later this month. Apparently, an overload of non-sequitur and contradictory GOP policies can cause computers running on Windows to simply crash. “You have seen those episodes of Star Trek where Captain Kirk talks alien computers into overloading,” said one Windows engineer “They start spewing smoke and saying ‘Error, error, does not compute!’ – well we are seeing increasing incidences of this occurring when users input too many GOP policy proposals.”

The engineer added that the company is working feverishly to fix the problem, which could affect as many as 25% of computers in the US.

Newsifact has been given access to some of the basic code that is causing Windows users so many problems (Warning - do not attempt to load this code into your computer):

Confidential memos. Click on images for higher quality

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