Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Universal Studios dismisses fan outrage over Segal Columbo movie.

Universal Studios have been on the defensive after the release of their latest film "Columbo" based on the iconic 1970s detective series that starred Peter Falk. Critics have labelled the film "a travesty" and "pathetic" whilst Columbo fans have decried what they view as "stunningly patronising and childish" changes to the format. Indeed, those changes have been quite pronounced - the non-violent, non-gun-using, intelligent one-on-one verbal sparring of the 1970s series has been replaced with action, explosions, guns and lots of women for the detective. In one scene, Segal, in bed with a young woman even says "Have you ever seen my wife? Exactly, baby!"

Steven Segal in "Columbo" (2009)

However, Universal Pictures have defended the film, declaring in an official statement that "The original format was dated and not conducive to the demands of a modern-day young audience. Certain changes were made to bring the iconic detective up-to-date. We are convinced that audiences will embrace Steven Segal's wonderful take on Columbo." In other words, audiences appear to be far stupider today, or at least the studios think they are.

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