Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebrity feud: Evigan slams Frakes - "I should have been Riker."

The long-standing feud between "My Two Dads" star Greg Evigan and Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes took another twist today as Evigan lambasted Frakes' acting abilities, even claiming that the actor had stolen a role meant for him. "I should have been Riker," said Evigan, referencing the character of Commander William Riker, portrayed by rival beard-wearer Jonathan Frakes in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In an interview with Newsifact, Evigan lambasted Frakes, claiming "He only grew that beard after he saw mine. He became Riker, but I was Riker! There was this jealousy from him ever since he came to Hollywood. It is almost as if he was threatened by me, so he decided to solve that by becoming me and stealing the role of Riker, which I believed I was destined for." Evigan also insisted that he would have made a far better Riker, stating "When you look at what he did with that role - the way he wasted that beard - it makes me sick. If I had played Riker, that series would be regarded as a classic today."

When asked for a response, actor Jonathan Frakes dismissed the accusations, "That is typical Evigan - blame my beard instead of his own."

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