Friday, May 8, 2009

Post torture ban "24" struggles with storylines.

As this exclusive image from the upcoming series of "24" underlines, Fox producers appear to be having difficulties adjusting to the new post-torture environment characterised by US president Barack Obama. Upon assuming the presidency, President Obama banned the use of torture by the CIA and military. "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland emerged during the post 9/11 Bush era and featured agent Jack Bauer engaging in repeated acts of torture in order to prevent impending acts of terrorism. Now, rather than adapting to the new post-torture environment, Fox has decided to "take the series in a completely new direction," arguing that "without torture, we just can't imagine doing the show the way we did before." The revamped "24" features Jack Bauer living with his new girlfriend Suki in a happy house also inhabited by a friendly alien blob called Lopo. Bauer and Suki have 24 hours to find a fun snack hidden in the house by Lopo, who sings clues while teaching viewers all the letters of the alphabet.

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