Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newsifact's bottom ten list of Empire Magazine top 10s/100s.

1. The top 100 movies of all time (seventh time).

2. The top 20 movies of all time (third time).

3. The top 10 summer movies (second time).

4. The top ten moments in movies (so far only twice).

5. The all time top 100 movies (fourth time, second time to use phrase "all time").

6. Our definitive Empire list of the best 100 films ever (fourteenth time, third to use phrase "definitive.")

7. The biggest blockbusters of all time (third time).

8. The biggest, craziest movies - the final top 200 (first time ever).

9. The top ten number one films of all time (sleight of hand with unclear use of "number one movies" so we rate this as the thirty-second time).

10. The ten best movies to watch with your friends (third time, though if counted with other lists, the four-hundred and seventh time).

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