Saturday, April 18, 2009

More ways for the media to subtley insult Susan Boyle.

Helping the media to find a few more ways to "frame the story" - some tips:

-"Chocolate mousse looks like shit, but tastes divine."

-"Would you eat a pig? No. But bacon is delicious."

-"A great book can have a really, really bad cover."

-"The face of a pig but the voice of an angel."

-"Who would have thought such ugliness can produce such beauty."

-"A blind man's treat."

-"If you are deaf, best to ignore this whole craze."

-"Will she get a makeover? I mean there's only so much a voice can mask."

-"If I could kiss her voice, I would - but not the rest."

Or conversely, a really fit woman, who can't sing:

-"If it wasn't for those tits, I wouldn't pay any attention to you at all."

-"Always judge a book by its cover. It ain't worth reading the rest."

-"The body of an angel. The voice of a dog."

-"She shocked the world with her voice, but she shook the world with her body."

-"Does her voice need a makeover? No, just tell her to keep her mouth closed."

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