Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confusion as studio announces Matt Damon will star in upcoming The Golden Girls movie.

Widespread confusion has surrounded the announcement by Buena Vista studios that the upcoming The Golden Girls movie, based on the iconinc 80s TV comedy series, will star Matt Damon.

Commenting on the decision, the sudio stated "Obviously, the original format needed to be updated for the big screen. Matt Damon will star as the son of Golden Girl Dorothy. He will live with the daughter of the character Blanche and the ensuing sparks will be the focus of the film, which will be set in the future." It remains unclear whether the original characters, four elderly women who decide to live together in Miami, will appear in the movie at all. However, Buena Vista has confirmed that the original stars will not be involved, something made more final with the recent death of Dorothy Zbornak actress Bea Arthur.

Golden Girls fans have stated that they are "appalled" at the changes to the format.

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