Friday, February 27, 2009

White House Denies Obama Superman Cover-Up.

Original picture - taken down within one hour of posting.

The White House has rigorously denied any involvement in the alteration of official photographs of the US president Barack Obama, which appeared to remove evidence that President Obama was wearing a Superman T-Shirt inder his white shirt.

The alterations are said to have been made to an official photo of President Obama departing Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland en route to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on Friday 27th Febuary 2009. An official photo of President Obama departing Marine One was published by the White House official website at 10:15am ET. However, that picture was soon taken down and replaced with an apparently re-touched photo two hours later. Gone was any evidence of a gust of wind revealing a Superman logo creeping out from under Obama's shirt.

Altered photo appeared at two hours after original was taken down.

The White House has continued to deny that any alterations were made, and has issued a statement saying that "The purported original is in fact the forgery. We have nothing more to say on the matter."

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