Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama speech: Liveblog

2100 (ET): Missing the first part of speech because I am writing this blog.

2104 (ET): Obama was about to detail several important issues, but I remembered I had to divert my attention and write this post instead.

2111 (ET): Can't focus on the speech. Getting really worried about my next liveblog update.

2120 (ET): Still having problems focusing on the speech. I mean, who the hell reads liveblogs anyway?

2134 (ET): Sorry, I've been away for fourteen minutes. I hope people didn't think I had stopped liveblogging. How often should I liveblog anyway?

2137 (ET): Thought there might have been a boring bit so went to write, but now I am hearing clapping. Unfortunately I missed why that might be because I was writing my liveblog.

2142 (ET): Obama made a great point about education. But I guess you heard that.

2201 (ET): Imagine if Obama liveblogged his own speech. He'd have to keep stopping and sit down by a laptop. "Just finished sentence about health-care reform. Think it went quite well. Back soon."

2207 (ET): Sorry. Been busy updating my Twitter coverage of the speech. Might have missed some of the recent parts of what Obama said. But, in my valuable opinion, it is going really well.

2209 (ET): More clapping. Just went to the bathroom. I guess you didn't need to know that.

2213 (ET): It's over. Or is it? Has Obama's challenge really just begun? I'll be liveblogging my thoughts on that later.

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