Thursday, February 12, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New Prince Harry race controversy - thought Ashley Cole was a nickname.

British monarch Prince Harry has once again found himself involved in a race row after telling black England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole that he thought that "Ash-ley Coal" was a nickname given to him because he was black. The comments came as Prince Harry met with members of the England football squad following Wednesday's 2-0 defeat in a friendly against Spain. Harry, who was watching the match visited the players after the final whistle and apperantly put his foot in it right in front of Cole's team mates.

According to an audiotape of the conversation, Harry told Cole "Oh, I get it. Ash-ley Coal. That is a great nickname for a negro fella like you, what with your ashed and coaled up face - even though you're quite light for one of them people. What's your real name? Something unpronouncable I bet like Wooga Ombuga!" Reportedly, Ashley Cole was not amused and excused himself immediately. Buckingham Palace has offered its sincere apologies, stating that "The Prince deeply regrets this incident." The scandal comes hot on the heels of another incident in which Prince Harry was caught referring to an Asian army friend as a "Paki".

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