Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McGann: Ince hasn't been vetted.

Former Doctor Who star Paul McGann has launched a fierce attack on newly appointed Blackburn Rovers manager Paul Ince. In a statement issued by McGann, the actor asked "What do we know about this guy, anyway? He hasn't been vetted and may be unprepared to meet the challenges of leading such an important team." McGann also added "What about international matches? How do we know he will represent our interests? I heard a rumour that he prefers rugby to football - it may be untrue, but it certainly gives cause for doubt."

This week, Paul Ince became the first ever black manager of a major English football team - in 1993, he bacame the first ever black player to captain the England squad. During his career as a football player, Ince played for clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool and West Ham United.

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