Friday, June 27, 2008

Henman "Anthology" project will chart the life and times of Tiger Tim.

A major project known simply as "The Tim Henman Anthology" has been green-lit, according to several media sources. Purportedly, the project will cover the life and career of retired British tennis player Tim Henman. According to an insider, "It will be a major eight part documentary series, and there will also be a book and CD release."

The documentary series will take a broad look at the life and career of Henman - from the early years playing tennis, to Henmania, to the controversial later years when he experimented with bananas during breaks. There will also be humour, such as the time he hit a ballgirl with a ball and also a look at controversial moments such as the famous remark he once made that he was "a good tennis player."

But the series will also go further. Using digital technology, the CD releases will manipulate several recordings of tennis matches that Henman lost, to create the sound of a brand new Wimbledon final in which Henman emerges as the winner. According to the source "We wanted to give the fans something new, and this was a great way to have Tim actually win something."

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