Monday, June 16, 2008

London Zoo remains closed after tennis star attacked by frisky animal.

The gates of London Zoo remain closed following an incident that left tennis star Tim Henman hospitalised with severe "lower abdominal" injuries, according to sources. Details remain sketchy, but witnesses at the zoo stated that Henman was visiting the zoo's tiger sanctuary, when one of the creatures spotted the retired tennis player, grabbed him and dragged him into its pen.

Henman, often referred to affectionately as "Tiger Tim" was then "befriended" by the male tiger, who began a mating ritual usually only displayed to female tigers. Zoo staff reportedly tried to free Henman, but were only able to do so after the male tiger had successfully completed its business. London Zoo has released a statement stating that it “deeply regrets the incident.” It also added that it had not yet decided whether the animal will be put down. Meanwhile, Mr. Henman is said to be recovering well.

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