Monday, August 17, 2009

Green-screen strike brings Hollywood to standstill.

A strike by green-screens has unexpectedly brought almost all Hollywood film production to a halt. The green-screens, which in feature-film productions are placed behind foreground action instead of real backgrounds, and later digitally "keyed out" and replaced with CGI effects, have become increasingly prominent in big-budget Hollywood films. The screens are demanding higher pay, arguing that their contributions toward modern film-making have been consistently underappreciated. "We have replaced sets, optical effects, props, live-action, backgrounds and maybe soon even actors," argued one green-screen we interviewed. "Our contributions should be recognized and we are demanding greater pay."

Hollywood studios have officially downplayed the effects of the strike, but behind-the-scenes, there is evident turmoil. A host of big-budget productions have been forced to suspend production completely. "When this strike started," says one insider "We were completely floored. There were suggestions that we might have to start building real sets again or actually build model miniatures. But there is no-one left here that can do that kind of stuff. These screens really have us by the balls - we are frankly, totally screwed!"

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