Monday, August 31, 2009

Australian actor to sue Yahoo! over name infringement.

Australian actor Yahoo Serious, star of such movies as the 1988 hit film Young Einstein, is suing the Internet service provider Yahoo! over a new search-engine the company unveiled on Monday. The search-engine is called "Yahoo! Serious" and is intented to be a scholarly search-engine focusing on serious subject-matters such as war or famine. However, Mr Serious' lawyers have announced that they believe that the new service infringes on their client's name. They have issued an immediate cease and desist letter to the California-based company and have also set in motion a $300 million lawsuit against Yahoo!.

"If you will pardon the pun," said a representative for Mr Serious, "We believe that this is a very serious matter. Our intention is to protect our client's name at all costs."

Yahoo! have thus far refrained from issuing a statement on the matter, while inside sources suggest that the company has no intention of taking down the new service.

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