Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama "Lilt" smear photos are found to be forgeries.

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A series of before and after photos that purportedly show that the Barack Obama campaign has been airbrushing any signs of the soft-drink "Lilt" from their publicity materials have been declared forgeries.

The photos first appeared on the right-wing website Freerepublic.com, and appeared to suggest that Barack Obama was shying away from his black roots.

"Lilt" is the national drink across much of the Caribbean region, hailing from what is today called the town of Lilt, Jamaica. It's blend of pineapple and grapefruit juice has enthralled locals since the drink was invented in 1894, by Amerie Lilto, a key figure in the post-slavery development of the region.

Lilt inventor Amerie Lilto with his family

On May 7th, Caribbean people from Barbados to Trinidad & Tobago observe "Totally Tropical Taste Day" a national holiday, in which people celebrate the drink that has brought so much joy to the region.

19th century Jamaicans load Lilt into barells for export

Yet, speculation remains as to why Barack Obama has never actually been photographed or seen drinking Lilt. According to an inside source "The President-elect does not respond to these kinds of smears." However, President Obama does plan to accept a large barrel of Lilt from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding as an Inauguration gift on January 20th 2009."

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