Monday, December 29, 2008

Israeli football coach "deeply disappointed" by 307:1 victory over Palestinian team.

The manager of the Israeli national football team Dror Kashtan expressed deep disappointment after his team defeated the Palestinian national football team 307:1 in a match that took place yesterday. "We could have done so much better," said Kashtan "I guess we just have to learn from our mistakes and do better next time."

The friendly took place amidst tight security, but descended into chaos after the Palestinian team scored an unexpected goal. "We took that as a deep insult and provocation," said Kashtan after the match. The Palestianian goal immediately led overhead Israeli military helicopters to take out several Palestinian players in retribution as well as the referee, leaving the pitch strewn with corpses and craters. Following that, the other Palestinian players fled, while the unopposed Israeli side scored one goal after another, chalking up an impressive 307:1 win, including a superb last-minute header by captain Yossi Benayoun.

"We hope that despite our poor showing - we should have gone for a thousand - this sends a clear signal," said Israeli manager Dror Kashtan "We view any goals scored by the opposition in these friendlies as being completely unacceptable." He also added that future matches would not take place without firm assurances that any "humiliating" goals against the Israeli side would not be allowed by the referee.

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