Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exclusive: Obama inauguration to see return of controversial "Greek Columns."

In a number of exclusive images obtained by Newsifact, we can reveal that President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20 will again feature a lavish "Greek Temple" backdrop. Obama was previously criticised during his acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination on August 28 at Invesco Field Stadium in Denver, Colorado for a series of faux Greek columns that some described as excessively grandiose.

However, it appears that the criticism has not resonated; Obama's much-anticipated inauguration will feature a backdrop that makes the previous "Greek columns" pale in comparison. Indeed, according to sources, the site of the inauguration, today known as "Capitol Hill", was once actually known as "New Troy" - while its neoclassical style, complete with a central dome and rotunda is also unquestionably Greek.

Construction at the site continues (see above picture), but one thing appears clear - "Templegate" is a story that isn't about to go away. Commenting on the accusation that Obama is again going too far, one staff insider told Newsifact, "It is what he wanted." Meanwhile, conservative commentator and Fox News host Sean Hannity could harldy contain his rage when shown the pictures "Who does this guy think he is? Adolf Hitler? You liberals will be hearing from us conservatives about this scandal very soon."

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