Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Steve Martin to remake own good films "Just so there is no doubt."

Comedy actor Steve Martin has announced that he is to re-make some of his great films from years past "Just so there is no doubt." The announcement was made as plans are underway for Martin to film a remake of "The Jerk" - this will now be followed by re-makes of "The Man With Two Brains," "All of Me" and many other Steve Martin classics.

Speaking to Newsifact, Martin said "Some people are still on the fence about whether I have completely f@#*ed up my standing as one of the greats. I want there to be no doubt whatsoever."

Martin has also announced plans to re-make the original Laurel and Hardy films, with himself in both roles. "When people think of The Pink Panther, they now think of my shit films. The same should apply to Laurel and Hardy." said Martin.

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