Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dow Jones diagnosed with "Battered Wife Syndrome".

"Okay, Dow...what is troubling you?"

"I broke up with this guy but now I want him back. I know he made me feel bad and almost destroyed me but I feel so empty and lost without him."

"Actually, I just want to be left me...left me!!!

"This new guy talking about my responsibility and a sustainable system is scaring me. I feel a bit bad, because I called him a communist! I'm going to have a fit! I want that other guy to slap me around some more!!! If I just cut myself, they'll see how much I hate being free!"

"It wasn't so bad with the other guy. He made some mistakes, but I can change him. God, my self-esteem is so low."

"What do you mean I don't make sense? Yes, I want your support, but only if it means that I can go back to him. Yes, I got badly beaten, but I felt so secure. You just don't understand."

"I kept imagining that I felt like this."

"Don't tell my friends, but really I felt like this."

"I'll admit that this new guy seems nice. He looks very intelligent. But I can't ever seem to get it right with guys like that. I feel so cheap and dirty."

"I've found a new guy. I'm really sorry, he's just like the other one. I know I should do better, but I just can't seem to change..."

"Oh, yeah...oh, yeah...(God, I feel so cheap)...."

"I just want to get high quickly, it is all becoming such a blur now..."

"I've tanked again, but those that beat me keep telling me that actually I'm helping to bring down that nice-looking guy so I should enjoy being beaten. I'm so confused...Please somebody help me...leave me me...leave me alone!!!"

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